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The Structured Space offers a range of decluttering and organizing services that bring simplicity and function to any space. We help you identify what is most important to you and your household so you can utilize your time at home more efficiently.  Enjoy your spaces and accomplish whatever goals you may have: more family time, hobbies, school, etc. 

A clutter free and organized closet


Decluttering & Organzing

  • We will help you declutter and sort your belongings by guiding you through the process of discovering how you want your space to function.  We then keep only the items you need and want to support those functions. 

  • Using the unique details of your space, we will create systems that are functional, purposeful and fulfill the needs of those using the space.

  • Maximize space and improve accessibility with containers that fit your life, style and budget.   


Space Planning

  • Let us help you reimagine your space.  We will evaluate your space with a fresh perspective and create a functional layout that maximizes space, storage and design.  

An organized playroom with storage and decor.
Moving Boxes


Residential Downsizing

  • We will help you transition to your new space by decluttering and sorting your current belongings, leaving you with the items that are meaningful and add function to your new space.   


Unpacking & Organization

  • We will save you the headache of unpacking, making the transition from one space to the next seamless.  

  • We will unpack your belongings, maximizing function and creating systems that work in your new spaces.     

Stress free unpacking after moving.
Organized Desk

Follow the link to find the right service package for your space. 

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