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Working with a professional home organizer is an investment in yourself and in your space.  We can help the everyday tasks of your life run more smoothly.  Home organization can help you maximize the use of your space or uncover unused space in your home.  Let's make sure you're not paying rent or mortgage for space you aren't using!  

Small Spaces
  • Minimum 4 hours, up to 7 hours 

  • Examples of small spaces may include coat closets, small pantry, linen closet, bathrooms.

  • $75/hr  

The Structured Space 
Medium Spaces
  • Minimum 8 hours, up to 15 hours

  • Examples of medium spaces include walk-in closets, laundry rooms, pantries, bedrooms, playrooms or a combination of small spaces. 

  • $70/hr  

Large Spaces
  • Minimum 16 hours

  • Examples of large spaces include garages, large kitchen & pantry combo, multi-use rooms, large walk-in closets or any combination of small & medium  spaces. 

  • $65/hr

  • 15% off the standard hourly rate   

Notes for All Spaces

​Option 1

  • 5 sessions, 6 hours each   

  • $1800

Option 2 

  • 8 sessions, 6 hours each 

  • $2,750

Each session will focus on the spaces of your choosing.  From a full home makeover to a deep dive into selected spaces with a large number of items to sort through.  Up to 20% off the standard hourly rate. 

  • Maximum 2 hours

  • Refresh of an area The Structured Space has already worked on. 

  • $60/hr

  • Every space is unique, therefore structuring your space may take more or less time than what is estimated here.

  • We hope you will join us in our commitment to the responsible removal of items in a way that honors the environment.  This may include traditional & specialized recycling and various types of donation and repurposing.   

Contact Us

Let's chat about how we can Structure your Space!

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