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Hello, I'm Melissa

Simplicity and organization have always been a core part of my life, helping to keep me calm & focused.  A stressful career as a nurse and nurse practitioner in the ICU reinforced the importance of a respite in my home.  I believe that while organization looks different for every person and space, the benefits are universal: peace, efficiency, productivity & more.  I look forward to partnering with you to create spaces that bring these benefits.  

Melissa Jansen, Owner

If you're looking for. . .

- Clear counters

- An easier time unpacking your groceries 

- Less time looking for things

- Space and time to enjoy existing hobbies or new interests

- A home you can be proud of

- Control over your space and stuff

- Help unpacking after a move 

- A space to focus and be productive 

- Organizational systems 

- Maximized space and storage

- Less time cleaning

- A feeling of calm when you enter your home  

You've come to the right place. 

The Structured Space. 

 Contact Us

We would love to learn how we can bring organization to your life and space. 


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