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Simplify Your Space
Simplify Your Life

Calm your home through organization.  
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Simplicity.  Organization.  Function.

The Structured Space is a professional home organizing service located in Dallas, Texas.  We guide clients on the journey through decluttering their items to arrive at an organized and functional space, incorporating their ideal aesthetic.


Overbuying and over-scheduling has led us to cluttered homes and hectic lives.  Our homes should be a place of respite where we can recharge, not a space that causes us more stress.  The Structured Space offers a range of decluttering and organizing services that bring simplicity and function to any space.  We help you identify what is most important to you and your household so you can utilize your time and home more efficiently.  

If you're ready to tackle the clutter and create space to live, work and play in your home, contact us for a free phone consultation. 


Our Process

  • We begin with a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

  • Then we meet for an in-person consultation to assess the scope of work that needs to be done.     

  • Our first session/s will focus on simplifying and decluttering  your items. 

  • In the second session/s we will complete your project by implementing organization, storage and function. 

  • You will be left with a beautiful space that is simple, calm and allows you to fully utilize and enjoy your space!      

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Contact Us
Tel: 972.674.9475
Professional Home Organizing for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Areas, Texas

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